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Hot-Button Issues: Down on the Farm

The Hoosier livestock industry makes more than $2.5 billion a year and “has seen growth in almost every livestock sector.” But for a group that’s doing so well, animal-farmers sure seem defensive.

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Hot-Button Issues: Big Court Cases & Political Races

Crusader of the Year: U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett. No one made more big cases in the past year—and his savvy press people made sure we all heard about the exploits. The crime-fighter still has plenty of fish to fry.

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Hot-Button Issues: Big Fat Gay Marriage Debate

The measure must win simple majorities in both Statehouse chambers again this year before the question is popped to Hoosier voters. Let the pots and pans fly.

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Tweets of the Week: HJR-3 and That Polar Vortex

@EdWenck: “HJR 6 is now HJR 3. And it appears to have a … partner?”

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Winter Storm: A Timely License Plate

It seems one Indy resident can forecast the weather far in advance of any meteorologist. Plus, it’s three days after the city’s volatile snowstorm, and grocery-store racks continue to tell the tale.

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Photos: Indy's Winter-Weather Snow Hijinks

Says Jim Borthwick of Noblesville, “Notice the close attention to detail, the cerebral forehead of Peyton [Manning] and Andrew [Luck]’s glorious neckbeard.”

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Tweets of the Week: Colts Comeback, Wacky Weather

@TheJennaBee: “All I hear is cannons. I can’t tell if the Colts won or if the revolution has started.” @CrayonWayans: “It means tributes have been killed in the Indy Hunger Games.”

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The Hoosierist: Spelled Out

The Hoosierist always figured television station call letters were burped out by a computer in the basement of the FCC’s headquarters. Boy, was he wrong.

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Butler University Joins Fight Against Indiana's Gay-Marriage Ban

In taking a public stance on the hot-button topic, Butler’s president joins a group of leaders across a spectrum of industries and entities who have denounced HJR-6.

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Taylor Ellis Joins IM as Assistant Editor

Ellis will cover dining and home, as well as other lifestyle topics and projects. Previously, she initiated a redesign at the award-winning Ball Bearings publication at Ball State University that won Best Overall Design at the 2013 Indiana Collegiate Press Association awards.

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Indiana University Comes Out in Favor of Gay Marriage

Among Indiana’s higher-education institutions, the move is unprecedented to join Freedom Indiana, a bipartisan collective of business and organizational leaders, in the plan to thwart the passage of an amendment banning gay marriage statewide.

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Indy Designers Featured in New Alt Movie Poster Book

Today, Matthew Chojnacki is set to release his new book, Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground, a collection that showcases a mix of avant-garde art and minimalistic design for movies ranging from Sixteen Candles to Star Wars.

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Five Indy Women to Compete in Ironman World Championships in Hawaii

Says Shea Rankin, “Next year will be [my husband’s] year to train and race. And I’m going to drink beer and eat burgers and heal a little bit.”

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Seventeen Magazine Honors Young Indy HIV/AIDS Activist

Find out why the queen teen magazine thinks this young Hoosier game-changer is “pretty amazing.”

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Flashback Photo: Happy Birthday, Angela Buchman!

We’ve been taken by her presence ever since she shot an iconic “Best of Indy” cover with us for the December 2003 issue of the magazine.