Swoon List: North End Barbecue, 22nd Street Diner, And More

Five things we’re craving right now.

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The smoked-salmon dip with housemade chips from The North End Barbecue & Moonshine (1250 E. 86th St., 317-614-7427) sets the stage for more flavorful offerings later in the meal.

The North End Barbecue’s smoked-salmon dip


The El Desayuno at The Garden Table (342 Mass Ave. #100, 317-638-0321) piles mole sauce, roasted chicken, a sunny egg, avocado, queso fresco, and heirloom beans atop sauce-soaked tortillas.

El Desayuno at The Garden Table

A lightly breaded pork tenderloin sits inside thick slabs of toasted bread at 22nd Street Diner (2205 N. Delaware St., 317-602-6726).

22nd Street Diner’s pork tenderloin sandwich


Order the wood-fired tomato-mozzarella pizza at Palomino (49 W. Maryland St. #189, 317-974-0400) insalata-style, topped with lightly dressed field greens.

Tomato-mozzarella pizza from Palomino

A late-summer evening waffle cone from Wylie’s (1022 E. Main St., Brownsburg, 317-350-2467), stacked with chocolate-cherry and green tea ice cream.

Chocolate-cherry and green tea ice cream cone from Wylie’s in Brownsburg


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