Swoon List: Cannon Ball Brewing, Sugarfire Smokehouse, And More

Five things we’re craving right now.

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Erin Kem’s wholesome-meets-hearty white bean falafel at Cannon Ball Brewing (1702 Bellefontaine St., 317-426-5978) on a bright Greek-inspired salad with warm pita—perfect now that the Kennedy-King brewery has its windows open for sunny spring days!

White bean falafel at Cannon Ball Brewing

Terry Kirts

The more-than-generous, slaw-topped pulled pork sandwich at recently opened St. Louis barbecue transplant Sugarfire Smokehouse (24 W. Washington St., 317-493-1293), paired with an unexpected side of rich and decadent creamed spinach.

Sugarfire Smokehouse serves up a slaw-topped pulled pork sandwich

Terry Kirts

A textbook grilled pork banh mi at Pho Tasty (6044 E. 82nd St., 317-436-7071) with sweet, lightly charred pork and a cool kick of jalapenos and cilantro on perfectly crunchy French bread that will have you happily brushing the crumbs from your lap before you head back to work.

Grilled pork banh mi from Pho Tasty

Terry Kirts

A delightfully tasty and addictively spicy trio of tacos (two al pastor, one chorizo) topped in the traditional style of diced onions and cilantro, and dressed with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and salsa verde from Gil Tacos Estilo D.F. (1665 S. Lynhurst Drive, 317-992-9046).

Taco time at Gil Tacos

Joseph Ball

Perfect Saturday morning baseball snack to go: sweet ginger biscotti with Earl Grey glaze. Picked up at Indie Coffee Roasters (220 E. Main St., Carmel, 317-993-3443) and sourced from Porter Books & Bread (5719 Lawton Loop East Dr., 317-388-5046).

Ginger biscotti from Porter Books & Bread, but available at Indie Coffee Roasters

Suzanne Krowiak

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