A toast to brown drinks, boutique moonshine, and Indiana's budding relationship with small-batch distilling.

It has been a little over a decade since Indiana distillers were first legally allowed to sell their firewater directly to customers—our own little version of Repeal Day. In that time, craft distillers have installed statuesque stills, experimented with local grains, perfected recipes, and aged their offerings deliciously. Let's roll out the barrels.

The Barware Essential Still Life

Drink in this top-shelf spread designed to get the most out of the Hoosier hard stuff.

Call It A Night

Built in the hills of the Brown County woods, Hard Truth Distilling Co. (418 Old State Rd. 46, Nashville, 812-720-4840) features a two-story craftsman-style overnight cabin made especially for the outdoorsy whiskey enthusiast. There, you...

Love At First Sip

To truly appreciate your drink, follow these simple tips recommended by the pros.

A Perfectly Distilled Map Of Indiana’s Best Distilleries

Moonshine cocktails. Small-town speakeasies. Recipes passed down from generation to generation. Modern-day distilleries are all over the Hoosier map. Grab your designated driver and sip your way across Indiana’s highways and imbibe ways.

William Rose Distillery

Don't let the high proofs turn you away from the deceptively smooth concoctions from one of Zionsville's most exciting spots to grab a glass.

The Early Riser Is A Brunch Cocktail To Be Reckoned With

This sweet and tangy citrus-forward cocktail is perfect when paired with a late breakfast or afternoon brunch on the patio. Bourbon gives it a depth of flavor, while the prosecco topper makes it an...

Moon Drops Distillery Pours Sweet Moonshine And Farm-To-Glass Bourbon

Walking into this distillery tasting room, you immediately feel at ease. Black-and-white photos of Prohibition scenes line the walls. It’s comfortable, homey even, a great place to sit by the fireplace and sip some...

Travelers Point Distillery

Mel Lytton wants to make one thing clear: “We make our own damn bourbon,” he says, “and that’s it.”

Four Finger Distillery

A distillery born of good humor and even better drinks. No matter what you're after, you'll appreciate the Four Finger's great spirits.

Boone County Jail Distillery

This jailhouse distillery is full of spirits, from moonshine distilled on the premises to an ethereal presence who's heard too many last calls to count.

Oakley Brothers Distillery

Letting their Bourbon Country roots grow in Anderson, brothers Jerrad and Jason Oakley bring their Hell or Rye Water Bourbon, Flyover Whiskey, and other concoctions to thirsty Hoosiers who leave their distillery happy.

West Fork Whiskey Co.

This distillery has a secret ingredient in their bourbon-focused products: brotherly love.

8th Day Distillery

This husband-and-wife run distillery started from a desire to leave the corporate world behind, and now we can all enjoy their entrepreneurial spirits.

Hotel Tango

COMBAT VETERAN Travis Barnes applies the discipline he learned in the Marines to distilling at the Fletcher Place operation he established in 2013. Nods to his proud military service are everywhere, from the phonetic...

Hunt Club Distillery

Hunt Club’s self-described “president, distiller, and toilet cleaner” Mark Schilling gives us the low-down on his brewing operation.