Amberson Coffee & Grocer’s Hugo Cano Is Bringing L.A. Style To Fletcher Place

Hugo Cano
Amberson Coffee & Grocer's Hugo Cano.

Photo by Danielle Doepke

Hoosier icon Booth Tarkington may have taken the inspiration for his 1919 Pulitzer Prize–winning novel, The Magnificent Ambersons, from nearby Woodruff Place. Since late June, however, Indy newcomer Hugo Cano, a native of central Mexico, who grew up in his family’s restaurants and gained years of experience in the food industry in Los Angeles, has been operating his sleek homage to one of Indy’s most celebrated literary families in an old cinderblock gas station in the heart of Fletcher Place. 

Amberson Coffee & Grocery serves pour-overs and creative lattes brewed from beans sourced from some of the more cutting-edge roasters from around the globe and close to home. To promote recycling, Cano launched a jar-exchange program where most coffee drinks are served in cute, recycled jars.

Bring your last jar back and get a discount. Bring 10 back, and your choice of espresso drink—maybe a vanilla-date latte or not-so-simple mocha with dark chocolate ganache—is on the house. 401 S. College Ave.,