Best of Indy: Runaway Food Trend

Everyone saw the food trucks coming, but who expected finger-licking short-rib sandwiches and artisanal pizza? Here, the best meals on wheels.

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Edwards Dashboard Diner



Territory: Downtown, often at the corner of Ohio and Illinois streets
Line up for: Onion rings, pork tenderloins, homemade root beer, and coney dogs offered with unconventional toppings
You’ll spend: $3 to $16 (for one of everything)
Find it:  Edwards Dashboard Diner    @dashboarddiner

Fat Sammies, Best of Indy, December 2011, Indianapolis MonthlyFat Sammies Ciao Wagon


Pizza and Italian sandwiches

Territory: Citywide, with a regular stop in the 96th Street and Zionsville Road area
Line up for: The Chicago Slammer, Italian beef and sausage link on a soft bun, ordered “wet” if you want au jus
You’ll spend: $7
Find it:  Fat Sammies   @fatsammies

Duos, Best of Indy, December 2011, Indianapolis MonthlyDuos


Seasonal and local

Territory: Downtown, usually serving lunch at the same place each day of the week
Line up for: The meatball sandwich, Greek orzo salad (or a vegan version with quinoa), and a bottle of organic root beer
                                                        You’ll spend: $6.50 to $9
Find it:   @DuosIndy

West Coast Tacos, Best of Indy, December 2011, Indianapolis MonthlyWest Coast Tacos


Tacos and burritos

Territory: Citywide, primarily IUPUI and Broad Ripple
Line up for: Spicy pork tacos
You’ll spend: $5

Find it:  West Coast Tacos   @WestCoastTacos

Scout's Treat Truck, Best of Indy, December 2011, Indianapolis MonthlyScout’s Treat Truck



Territory: Downtown, frequently parking on Monument Circle
Line up for: Mama Cha Chi, a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting
You’ll spend: $2.50 to $4

Find it:  Scout’s Treat Truck   @ScoutsTreatTruck

Scratch, Best of Indy, December 2011, Indianapolis MonthlyScratch


Contemporary American

Territory: Citywide, sticking close to Illinois and Market streets for lunch
Line up for: The Scratch Grilled Cheese, with red-wine–braised short rib, caramelized onions, and arugula
You’ll spend: $7 to $10
Find it:  Scratchtruck   @Scratchtruck

Byrne's Grilled Pizza, Best of Indy, December 2011, Indianapolis MonthlyByrne’s Grilled Pizza


Gourmet pies

Territory: Flat 12 Bierworks, Thursday through Sunday
Line up for: The Guilty Shepherd—veggies on a bed of goat cheese and pesto—and beer-batter breadsticks
You’ll spend: $3 to $5 for a slice
Find it:  Byrne’s Grilled Pizza   @ByrnesPizza

Slider Station, Best of Indy, December 2011, Indianapolis MonthlySlider Station


Mini sandwiches and desserts

Territory: West side, returning to Chase bank at Washington Street and Girls School Road
Line up for: Pulled-pork sliders topped with slaw
You’ll spend: $2 to $9

Find it: Keys Gourmet Catering   @KGSliderStation

Some of This, Some of That, Best of Indy, December 2011, Indianapolis MonthlySome of This, Some of That



Territory: Downtown, Broad Ripple, and the occasional southside stop
Line up for: Jerk chicken or a crawfish po-boy
You’ll spend:  $3 to $10

Find it:  Some of this Some of that   @SOTSOT1


This article originally appeared in the December 2011 issue.