Chicken Biscuit Sandwich: What’s In That?

The Indiana, a tribute to our state bird.

Tony Valainis

General American Donut Company expands its range with a savory handheld lunch called The Indiana, a tribute to our state bird. GADCo’s Kari Nickander, who owns the 5-year-old craft doughnut shop with her husband, Adam Perry, experimented with several buttermilk biscuit recipes before perfecting this high-rising version that is fluffy yet sturdy enough to hold the sandwich together. The biscuits get a smear of corn butter, a mixture of butter, freeze-dried corn, kernel corn, cream, and sugar. Chicken-breast cutlets are pounded thin and dredged in a black-peppered flour mixture before they’re dropped into the fryer to order. A generous gob of homemade blueberry compote (see also the center of GADCo’s blueberry-filled doughnuts) adds a touch of sweetness.

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