Coming Soon: Barbecue and Bourbon

Let’s get fired up

Barbecue, bourbon, beer, and live music sounds like the perfect night on the town in Memphis. But as of next month, Speedway main drag will serve up the same good old Southern combination at Barbecue and Bourbon (1414 Main St., Speedway, 317-679-9222). Owned by Marcia Sommers, a former caterer, and her business partner David Huff, the restaurant will feature ribs, pulled pork, smoked wings, and barbecue nachos, all cooked in a smoker. The meat will be prepared Memphis-style (which means without sauce) and served with three sauces of varying heat. The owners also plan to serve items such as catfish and tenderloins, and the mains will be paired with heaping sides, such as cheesy potatoes, fried cabbage, and onion rings.

As for the bourbon: of the 24 varieties on offer, two are from local distilleries W.H. Harrison and Spring Mill. There will also be a full bar featuring local beers. Sommers says there will also be open mic nights and live music on Saturdays, as well as dinner pairings with a Bourbon of the Day.