COMING SOON: Simeri’s Italian

A new family restaurant will open its doors in the Geist neighborhood this month. Simeri’s Italian (10410 Olio Rd., Fortville, 317-589-8557), owned by first-time restaurateur Arec Simeri, along with his father, Daniel, and brother, Christopher, will serve up authentic Italian food made from recipes Simeri’s great-grandmother brought over from Italy.

Red, white, and green walls, checkered tablecloths, and a picture of Simeri’s great grandmother make for a kitschy but relaxed vibe in the restaurant that Simeri plans to make the neighborhood’s local bar to watch a game, drink a beer, or grab a bite.

Pasta dishes, pizzas with crispy cracker crusts, and sandwiches named after the family member that created them are traditional family favorites, but Simeri says the star of the menu is the 10-inch meatball sub. Two giant, juicy meatballs smothered in thick marinara sauce and a cheese are served on loaves from The Bakery at Geist.

The beer menu is a special source of pride for Simeri, whose family legacy in the restaurant business goes back six decades. Craft beer and one domestic will flow from 16 taps. Brews from local producers like Three Floyds Brewing, The Upland Brewing Company, Triton Brewing Company, and New Albanian Brewing Company will rotate regularly. “We’ll have Sun King Cream Ale as a constant,” says Simeri. “And we’ll have a Sun King rotational, whatever seasonal they have.”