Daniel Orr's Squash Blossom Tips

Don’t blink. Gardens blooming with delicate squash blossoms have the briefest harvest season. FARMbloomington‘s chef Daniel Orr told us about a delicious way to prepare nature’s ephemeral bounty here (in a fritatta with new potatoes), and he offers these tips on handling the flowers with care:

Squash blossom season is usually May through September.”

The blossoms should be harvested in the morning, when they are open toward the sun. This allows you to better see what you are harvesting. Later in the day, they close, which can trap insects.”

They last about a day on the vine and up to one week in the refrigerator.”

After a day in the refrigerator, they may begin to wilt but will still hold their flavor.”

Squash blossoms are very delicate and will bruise and wilt quite easily. Even a light washing could damage the blossoms.”

They have a light, squash-like flavor and are slightly herbaceous.”

Expect a flowery, perfumed, earthy, and fragrant taste.”