Dishes of the Year: Black and Red Quinoa Salad at Napolese

By Laura Henderson, Executive Director, Growing Places Indy As a vegetarian,

I can always count on Napolese (several locations, to offer plenty of filling, flavorful dishes on the menu, which is still somewhat rare in Indianapolis. Their salads aren’t just greenery on the side of a pizza—filled with substantial elements such as Brussels sprouts or roasted cauliflower, they easily make a hearty meal. So in early fall, at the downtown Napolese, I was happy to dig into this salad with colorful quinoa and a wealth of summer vegetables: charred corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and pine nuts and feta, all dressed in a light olive oil dressing. No GMOs there! And given that I spend a good chunk of my time tending to urban gardens, it was great to see so much local produce in my dinner.

This article appeared in Menu Guide 2014.