Ember Alert


Aug. 9: Smoking Goose’s latest: “Disappointing update: When the police arrived, no trailer was found. And the trail was cold. We’re keeping the faith alive, though, thanks to all the wonderful folks who are keeping their eyes open for Black Beauty. We can’t thank you enough!”

Aug. 8: Smoking Goose informs us that its “missing smoking trailer has been sighted on the shoulder of U.S. 31 near Peru, Indiana, with a flat tire! The police have been notified, but please keep your eyes peeled and thanks!”

July 27: Armchair sleuths have joined the search for Smoking Goose Meatery’s purloined Black Beauty smoking trailer, a custom-made barrel smoker weighing a couple thousand pounds. The mobile behemoth, which the meatery used to feed the masses at catered events, vanished from its Dorman Street home late last week, andaccording to the business’s website and Facebook pagehas been spotted at locations ranging from State Road 144 headed toward Mooresville, to the Village Pantry in the 5100 block of Franklin Road, “attached to a late model red pick up truck getting gas.”

“The Indy Star printed its cost at $5,000which is a huge expense, of course,” says Goose the Market manager Corrie Quinn, “but the incredible loss is all the seasoning that’s built up in Black Beauty. Flavors intensify and get more complex with each use. It’s almost like the trailer itself becomes a key ingredient in every dish we pull from it. Maybe this one-of-a-kind piece could be replaced someday, but it’ll take turns and turns to even approach the delicious stage of our missing smoker.”

The Goose is offering a reward for Black Beauty’s recovery in the form of a 50-person pig roast. Call 317-924-4944 with any clues as to its whereabouts.