February's First Bite

News and notes from the Indy dining scene.

Swoon: Circle City Sweets Boulangerie

Run by veteran City Market vendors Cindy and Roger Hawkins, the new Circle City Sweets Boulangerie gets much of its firepower from the stone-hearth deck oven with steam injector installed behind the counter. It’s the key to achieving a crusty baguette with an open crumb (an impossible feat in a regular convection oven). The stall also stocks brioche, French loaves, sourdough, rolls, and country white bread, but bagels are the surprise seller. “I’m French-trained, and the French don’t eat bagels,” says Cindy. “I started playing with the recipe, and people went crazy.” Mais oui.

The Feed


Ed Rudisell plans to open a Fountain Square tiki restaurant, The Inferno Room, later this year.
BLAST OFF Chef Erin Kem (of R Bistro fame) is the manager of the new Cannon Ball Brewing Company.
EAT TO THE BEAT Thunderbird, known for its hard-liquor menu and hard-rock history, now serves lunch.
STABLE ENVIRONMENT Cunningham Restaurant Group’s Livery debuted in November at 720 N. College Ave., in a former horse barn.

Ramen Ray

Pinch of Wisdom

“When making homemade soup stock, avoid a high boil. Simmering it instead will make it easier to form that gelatinous texture you want. And don’t cover it with a lid or stir while cooking, or the stock will be cloudy.” —Paul Yu, general manager of Ramen Ray, which recently expanded its menu to include vegan options