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Brady Laughlin’s Look

Are those fried eggs on your elbows?

Yes; they’re vinyl. I took them off of an old tote bag. I also embroidered my name and two baby teeth. I used to sew a lot, and I made this for Milktooth’s opening day.

What else do you wear?

Vintage Levis. Overalls are hard to come by. I bought a pair from Japan online.

Do you have a style trick?

I always show my ankles with denim. It makes you look taller.

What was the last thing you bought in town?

A vintage B.B. King tour shirt from Salvation Army, and a McDonald’s employee sweater. It’s my favorite thing. It has chenille arches.

Milktooth is hipster central. Where do you stand on the term?

I do not like it and don’t identify with it. At Milktooth, people aren’t caught up in a look. They roll out of bed and throw on their clothes. 


Fernandez began writing for Indianapolis Monthly in 1995 while studying journalism at Indiana University. One of her freelance assignments required her to join a women's full-tackle football team for a season. She joined the staff in 2005 to edit IM's ancillary publications, including Indianapolis Monthly Home. In 2011, she became a senior editor responsible for the Circle City section as well as coverage of shopping, homes, and design-related topics. Now an executive editor, she lives downtown.