If It's First Friday, It Must Be Food Trucks

The First Friday Food Truck Festival on May 4 attracted a crowd eager to try foods from more than 25 trucks. The looming promise of a thunderstorm (later fulfilled) didn’t keep hundreds of people from attending the event outside the Old National Centre. Hungry patrons endured long lines in the hot weather for the best of the Circle City’s mobile restaurants.

Groovy Guys Fries came with their signature loaded-baked-potato fries topped with a mound of cheese, bacon, and jalapenos. Cutie Pies’ Pizza served big, cheesy slices on fresh-made dough. Those looking for something a bit more adventurous could dive into the spicy pork with kimchi from Seoul Grill. With so many options, a hungry diner would hope for some samplers to get a taste of the full spectrum; alas, only a handful of trucks offered them. They might have helped with the waits, which lasted more than an hour at some of the trucks. It didn’t help that visitors had to endure two lines: one at the food truck they ordered their meals from, and one at the ONC beverage stand. (Trucks weren’t allowed to poach the venue’s drink sales.)

Minnesota band 4onthefloor belted out blues-rock while those not eating chatted or played cornhole. By six, a cool breeze had started blowing, wafting the smells of warm food down Mass Ave like a giant backyard cookout for the entire city.