Indy’s Best Chicken Wings

Get your wet naps ready, it’s #NationalChickenWingDay.

With Georgia Reese’s roosted in the heart of the city, The Eagle soaring in from Cincinnati to anchor Mass Ave, and Big Lug Canteen nested along the Monon, Indy is experiencing a migration of Nashville hot chicken . Indianapolis is not alone in the finger-lickin’ trend. NPR documented the rise of this craze in, of course, Nashville, Tennessee. “Prince’s is the ground zero for hot chicken,” the report says. While hot chicken may be the latest food fad taking flight, the day still belongs to wings. Quite literally—today is #NationalChickenWingDay.

Much has changed since 2013 when we last looked at the best wings. Here, the best places to spot the Indy Monthly crew licking our fingers, peering over a mound of bones.



Chatham Tap

A Sunday-morning soccer brunch calls for a plate of these.

The Ale Emporium

At press time, their wings were earning almost half of the Twitter votes for best in town.

Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles 

The authority on wings.

Big Lug Canteen

“I actually liked the hot version, and I’m a total spicy-food wuss.”


The thunderwings in thundersauce are “lick-the-plate-worthy.”


The Salty Cowboy

They’re sticky and meticulous to eat, but worth the effort.

The dry-rubbed Lone Star wings spend time in the hickory smoker.
The dry-rubbed Lone Star wings spend time in the hickory smoker.

Georgia Reese’s

Georgia Reese’s serves up some of the best fried poultry in town: hulking, plump pieces under a light, peppery skin that lends just enough crunch.

Chicken and waffles
Chicken and waffles


At Milktooth, chef Jonathan Brooks whips up a daily chicken-wing inspiration, from sweet tea–glazed to Korean-barbecued.

Fat Dan’s Deli

“I feel like I’m cheating the rest of the menu, but I can’t not order these.”