Is It a Burger?

We don’t know if Rook’s Okonomiyaki Burger can be classified a burger, but nonetheless we’re inspired.

Don’t try to pick up the Okonomiyaki Burger at Fletcher Place’s Rook. This knife-and-fork affair—with garnishes mounded on top and sauces drizzled to the edge of the plate—more than begs the question of what constitutes a sandwich. Though the stack’s lineup often changes, leave it to street-food fusionist Carlos Salazar to take his inspiration from the Big Mac for this interpretation, which infuses the popular Japanese snack food with the soul of an American classic.

Hover over or tap the image for details on the ingredients of Rook’s Okonomiyaki Burger.



One of Salazar’s favorite ingredients—he even created a Velveeta ice cream.

Brussels sprouts

Shaved raw, these cruciferous shreds mimic the classic iceberg lettuce.


Light, crisp, and made in house.


The richness of this succulent layer derives from its mix of ground chuck, brisket pork fat, and, yes, beef heart.

Okonomiyaki pancakes

Translated from Japanese as “anything you want to put into it.” Salazar tricks these out with a range from kimchi to this black sesame version.

Special sauce

A basic blend of ketchup, mayo, and pickle.

Charred- scallion mayo

A sweet, smoky hit of flavor.