Juicy Couture

From pickled to savory, notes on the strawberry’s new jam.

It’s hard to argue in favor of messing with the perfect summer strawberry, but versions that are pickled, savory, and otherwise tricked-out can be game-changers. The sweet-and-sour pickled combination takes the first fruit of the season to new flavor heights, and local chefs love featuring them on warm-weather menus. Black Market uses the acidic sweetness to balance rich proteins like duck leg and pork jowl, or as a slightly sour garnish on ice cream. Rook’s Carlos Salazar has served them with seared scallops, yellow mung beans, and fish sauce caramel. Oakleys Bistro includes lavender and rosemary in the pickling brine, tossing the berries in a spring salad of spinach, hickory-smoked potatoes, bacon lardons, and goat-cheese croutons. Tinker Street keeps it simple, serving strawberry jam on a cheese plate with pickled watermelon rind and mustard seeds. If you want to make your own pickled strawberries, simply halve a pound of berries, then heat a cup of champagne vinegar, a half-cup water, a quarter-cup sugar, and a tablespoon of kosher salt. Pour the heated brine over strawberries and refrigerate for 24 hours before serving.

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