Let Them Eat Meat

Local omnivores worship at the altar of his charcuterie. And now Chris Eley expands his congregation.

Chris Eley.  The Goose Market.  Indianapolis Monthly July 2011When Chris Eley opened his sexy delicatessen, Goose the Market, four years ago, cocktail-party snacks in Indianapolis saw a dramatic improvement. This summer, Eley brings us Smoking Goose (a.k.a. Dorman Street Meatery), an artisan production facility that will supply grocery stores and restaurants around the Midwest with the Goose’s Old World–style victuals—starting with “about 42 different items,” Eley says.

Located in the near-downtown Holy Cross neighborhood, across the street from Flat12 Bierwerks and pub-crawl distance from Sun King and Easley Winery, Smoking Goose will, as Eley envisions it, beckon foodies to an emerging artisan food district. Expect open-house nights and four-hour butchering classes during which students will learn the art of breaking down an animal. “I see this area as a cultural food trail,” Eley says. “I’m trying to add my little piece.”