Like a Vegan: Madonna's Super Bowl Food Itinerary

Based on what we know about Madonna’s eating habits (no dairy, nothing processed, and easy on the spices) the Material Girl probably won’t be swinging by Virginia Kay’s Doughnuts on her way to (fingers crossed!) perform in the Super Bowl halftime show at Lucas Oil Stadium a few months from now. Gracious hosts that we are, IM assembled this quick Madonna-friendly guide to culinary Indy. What did we miss?

The vegan barbecue tempeh at 3 Sisters Cafe (6360 Guilford Ave, 317-257-5556).

Becky Hostetter’s vegetarian offerings at her Duo’s food truck (317-508-8614).

Vegan chili at MacNiven’s Restaurant and Bar (339 Massachussets Ave., 317-632-7268).

The portabella Reuben at Twenty Tap (5406 N. College Ave., 317-602-8840).

City Market’s local/organic juice bar, Natural Born Juicers (222 E Market St, 317-797-4254).