MINI REVIEW: Which Wich?

Whether it’s the adorable wall of brown paper bags you fill out with a Sharpie or just all of the tasty free extras you can pile on your sandwich—olive salad, pesto, even Cheez Whiz—there’s definitely something fresh and fun about the new Which Wich? (910 W. 10th St., 317-632-9424), which landed mid-March in The Avenue complex near IUPUI. We stopped in to try out this Dallas-based sandwich chain with over 180 stores from Florida to southern California (with one in Carmel as well) and found ourselves almost dizzy with all of the choices—from the “Bac-Hammon” (pork on top of pork) to the Elvis Wich, inspired by the King with bacon, peanut butter, and banana. Sadly, they were out of bananas at the end of the day, but the staff quickly apologized and offered us a free sandwich on our next visit.

Thinking it was a sign to be a bit gentler on our waistlines, we switched to the healthier black bean patty, though with the avocado and pesto we added it wasn’t too guilt-assuaging. But it was definitely tasty, with some of the more well-seasoned black bean patties and flavorful add-ons we’d had on a veggie sandwich in a long time. A Cuban sandwich offered quality ham with the requisite Swiss cheese and pickles, though this one wasn’t pressed the way the genuine article might be in Miami. Still, the light, crisp toasted bread won us over. A meatball sub had just the right yin and yang of sauce and cheese, and an Oreo milkshake was as thick and sweet as it gets. Crunchy house-made chips, also in little stapled brown bags, might have been better warm, but they were definitely a step up from your average bagged chips. And, since we’d had that veggie sub, we treated ourselves to a crumbly, fudgy brownie with a hint of cinnamon. This cheery chain might not replace our favorite local delis, but it’s definitely a nice choice among all the campus fast-food spots competing for our dollars-and our calories.