NEW IN TOWN: 10-01 Food and Drink

Billing itself as a restaurant serving “Midwestern comfort food with a culinary twist,” 10-01 Food and Drink (1001 Broad Ripple Ave., 317- 253-1001) manages to nail both your mom’s tastiest meatloaf recipe and the sophisticated ambience worthy of date night. The open kitchen, lower-level  bar and spacious patio make the space comfortable yet energetic, much like the menu itself. Expect lots of Sunday-supper favorites, like country-fried pork served over creamy cheddar mashed potatoes, a barbecue sandwich heaped with cole slaw, and even pot roast. Chicken wings get a boost from adobo sauce and blue-cheese slaw; fried catfish is paired with ancho-basil-tomato and Sriracha-tartar dipping sauces.
Cocktails run on the pricey side, and there were a few hiccups with the service when we visited (an entree was mysteriously missing two of its side dishes), but given time to shake out some of the kinks, 10-01 should have no trouble winning allegiance with the Broad Ripple dinner crowds.