Next Course: Upcoming Food Trends

Cheese Tea
Fans of boba can look forward to another Asian import that tops sweet iced tea with a mousse-like layer of whipped milk and cream cheese. It’s finished with a sprinkle of rock salt and sipped from the top down, through a little hole in the lid (not a straw) to allow the flavors to properly combine in each swallow.

Delicate yet dense, these Japanese layered omelets are prepared in a square nonstick tamago pan, one paper-thin stratum at a time. As it cooks, the egg is pressed and rolled back onto itself—then pressed and rolled again to create something that looks like a cross between an omelet and a jellyroll. It is served sliced and usually garnished.

What’s not to love about a pizza crust bread boat filled with cheese, a runny-yolk egg, and a pat of melting butter? This traditional Georgian carb (the national dish, actually) is like a self-contained breadsticks-and-dip combo. Rip off the stern to mix the vessel’s gooey innards together. Then use the sides for dunking.

Xiao Long Bao
Gelatinous broth is pinched inside these oversized Chinese dumplings so that when they steam, the ingredients turn to soup. XLB connoisseurs have their dumpling-eating method down to a science. Place dumpling in spoon to catch the liquid. Gently pinch a hole in its skin with a chopstick. Let it cool (do not skip this critical step). Sip the broth. Eat the dumpling, with or without a drop of soy sauce.

Black Ice Cream
Activated charcoal from coconut ash supplies the Goth color scheme in this soft-serve treat that resembles a certain emoji, and we’re not talking about the one with heart eyes. The base flavor is described as faintly vanilla, but purveyors like L.A.’s Little Damage add in flavors like cinnamon and extrude it into an Oreo
waffle cone for added impact.