Pete the Planner’s Advice for Indy Millennials

Pete Dunn hits Good Morning America this summer with his new mission. Here, he brings the advice close to home.

I want millennials to get out of their parents’ houses. I make no apologies about this. That’s why I’m going on Good Morning America this summer to stage interventions with millennials and the parents they mooch off of. There’s a retirement crisis in this country, and every penny diverted to support adult children who can support themselves only exacerbates the problem. I get it—when you’re young and healthy, you want to live an amazingly fun life. If you play your cards right, that life doesn’t have to cost you much of anything. Therefore, you can move out of your childhood bedroom with the Jonas Brothers posters, and provide your parents some sweet relief. These tips should help:


Yats is the gold standard for cheap eats, and the food happens to be amazing. When the urge to dine out becomes too much to handle, scratch that itch by going to Yats. As an added benefit, your breath will be such a hot fire of garlic and spices, you won’t have to spend any money on drinks for a potential love interest because they won’t come within 30 feet of you.

BlueIndy electric car
BlueIndy electric car

If you choose to live downtown, ditch your car. The whole point of living downtown is to be out and about, and to work where you live. You don’t need a car when you live downtown. You can eat, work, play, and socialize in a pair of sensible shoes. Plus, you won’t need car insurance! The parking costs alone are worth the switch to a carless lifestyle. Besides, there’s a BlueIndy car every seven feet.

City Guide 2014 Hometown Favorites Monon Trail
Monon Trail

Ditch the gym membership. Go outside. Between the Monon, the Cultural Trail, and White River State Park, you can get plenty fit and save a ton of money.


The amount of money you can save on books, music, and movies at the Indianapolis Public Library is insane. You might even see celebrity chef Neal J. Brown—he says it’s his secret oasis. Er …was his secret oasis.

Dig IN 2015 6

Want to experience the best events in Indy, such as Dig IN, on the cheap? Volunteer. When you volunteer at a major event, you often get access to the event for free. Not to mention the ubiquitous complimentary t-shirt.

What the Pho! from ClusterTruck
What the Pho! from ClusterTruck

Need extra money? Thanks to ClusterTruck, you can make an extra few hundred bucks per month by becoming a delivery driver. Someone orders food, ClusterTruck’s magical kitchen makes the food from scratch in about four seconds, then you take it to a person who’s excited to see you. Everybody wins.