Prepping: Ryan Nelson's Next Course

Stoking the barbecue flames in Nora.

When Late Harvest Kitchen chef-owner Ryan Nelson saw his chance to snag the 4,000-square-foot former Cafe Nora, he pounced on it, hatching plans to launch a barbecue joint celebrating different regions and styles. “I’m a huge barbecue fan,” Nelson says. “When I was growing up, if anyone ever asked me where I wanted to go out to eat, I always picked a barbecue place. It appeals to all age groups and demographics.” Gearing up to open in February 2014, the totally revamped restaurant will exude a laid-back vibe, with some carryover from Late Harvest in theme and decor. “We want customers to be able to tell that these two restaurants are part of the same family,” Nelson says. The menu is still a work in progress, but Texas brisket, Carolina pulled pork, and ribs are a given. Though there’s still a lot up in the air as far as planning, one thing’s for sure: Nelson has a reverential respect for the ’cue, noting that barbecue isn’t something that lends itself to a lot of innovation. “The best versions,” he says, “are often the most traditional.” 1300 E. 86th St.

Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appearted in the October 2013 issue.