Q&A with Jeff Patrick of Nicey Treat

Inspired by paletas (Latin American ice pops made from fresh fruit), Jeff Patrick and his wife Stacey created Nicey Treat (317-602-6423), featuring frozen treats made with unique flavors and all-natural ingredients, most notably sold out of a portable freezer at local events. This year’s launch didn’t come without hard work. Jeff, who works full time as a video producer and documentary director, somehow finds an additional 30 to 40 hours a week to make and dole out handmade ice pops. Here’s what he had to say about locavorism, how Nicey Treat stays good to Mother Earth, and their plans for new flavors. 

TRISHA LINDSLEY: Where do you get your fruit and sweetener?

JEFF PATRICK: We just bought peaches from Indiana grower Pete’s Peaches. And we bought fresh mint and basil from Indiana farm Eden Farms. We always use actual fruit, not puree, and we buy locally whenever we can. This year, however, has not been the best for local fruit, with the early spring, late frost, and drought. So we’ve had to supplement. Regarding the sweetener, we use organic evaporated cane juice. We will also be using agave syrup.

TL: And where do you source your dairy?

JP: The milk is from Traders Point Creamery, and the cream is from Organic Valley.

TL: How are you different from the many other street vendors in town?

JP: Instead of a truck that requires gas, we spread our good karma to the planet by using an ice cream bike or “Nicecycle,” which allows the company to be mobile without causing harm to the environment.

TL: How else do you stay good to the environment?

JP: Besides recycling the plastic bags, we have a customer loyalty program, Stick It to Us, rewarding our customers for recycling. If customers return 10 Nicey sticks, they get a free Nicey. We then compost the sticks.

TL: I understand you have a special at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market. What’s the deal?

JP: Bring your own cooler, and we will pack it with dry ice and sell you 10 handmade treats for $25. That’s a $5 discount. They’re normally $3 each.

TL: Besides Broad Ripple Farmers Market, where else will you be this summer?

JP: Binford Farmers Market, Irvington Farmers Market, and the Original Farmers’ Market at the Indianapolis City Market. Check out our events page to get our exact schedule.

TL: Any new flavors on the horizon?

JP: Peaches and cream, toasted coconut cream, and root beer float with Triton Brewery Root Beer.