Rail Cafe And Market Is Back On Track

A plate of food from Rail Cafe and Market
Cold-smoked pork chop and gnocchi

MELANIE AND TOBY Miles broke the hearts of hardcore Rail enthusiasts when they closed their doors in October 2020 after a nearly seven-year run, but fans still craving a cold-smoked pork chop and gnocchi will be thrilled to hear that the couple is back with a new Rail Cafe and Market in Westfield this summer.

Although the red barn no longer serves as home base, the new spot offers some more practical perks, like a bigger kitchen. The right side of the building highlights what Toby calls “fast fine” cafe-style breakfast and lunch service, while a gourmet market to the left offers meal prep kits, take-and-bake items, and alcohol. “It’ll be everything people enjoyed before, but evolved,” Toby says. 3300 E. State Rd. 32, Westfield, 317-804-8555