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Side Show: Best New Burgers

Hot Potatoes

When it comes to these golden picks, yes—you want fries (or tots!) with that.

Sweet-Potato Tots

Punch Burger

Get the perfectly crisp coins as a side or in a basket—just get them. $2.75

Flamme Burger Truffle-Parmesan Fries

Truffle-Parmesan Fries

Flamme Burger

A generous shake of cheese balances this option’s earthy oil. $2.95

Burgerhaus Tots

(Off-Menu) Tater Tots


They’re not listed, but ask for them anyway: light, fluffy, and just salty enough, with an excellent crunch. $3

Scratch Truck Poutine

Poutine Fries

Scratch Truck

An upgrade from the well-seasoned fries, with savory chicken gravy and topped with mozzarella curds and herbs. $3.50


Tater Tots

Between the Bun

The kicker here? A healthy sprinkle of spicy, housemade seasoning. $2.59

Forget the Fries

These spud alternatives might be better than the main event.

BruBurger Onion Rings

Onion Rings

Bru Burger Bar

This thick, beer-battered version offers a satisfying crunch without the hollowness or mushiness that often plague hulking rings. $7

 Kuma's Poppers

Jalapeño Poppers

Kuma’s Corner

Chorizo cream cheese oozes from these terrific panko-fried peppers, complemented by just-sweet-enough balsamic-raspberry sauce. $12

Beast Truck Mac And Cheese

Mac & Smokey Beer Cheese


Black Acre ale imbues this spicy, not-for-kids take on the comfort dish—an otherwise classic rendition, homemade-with-care charred edges and all. $5

Shake Your Love

It’s legal to have a burger without a stellar milkshake—but why would you want to?

Chocolate Espresso

B Spot Burgers

Say yes to the suggested shot of hazelnut Frangelico. The combo delivers, as do the crumbled chocolate cookies added for texture. $6.99 (plus $3 for booze)

Strawberry Shortcake

Flamme Burger

A hunk of its eponymous baked good tops off the subtly sweet signature shake. $4.95

Vanilla Haus Milkshake


Anything but plain, this super-smooth version made with Dean’s Country Fresh high-butterfat ice cream bursts with flavor. $5

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