Sippin’ and a Swirlin’ at Napolese Wine Bar

A glance at the rack of well-edited bottles that line the walls behind the bar at Martha Hoover’s new Napolese Wine Bar (114 E. 49th St., 317-925-0765) makes one thing clear: Hoover is keeping it simple. Instead of a War and Peace-sized list practically straight from the distributors, she is eliminating decision fatigue. The wine list is what you see displayed. And it will change seasonally,” says Hoover. She also told IM she is not increasing wine prices more than 20 percent above retail, unlike other spots in Indy that mark up two- or three-times the retail price.

Industrial-chic barstools, oversized white lamps, velvet-upholstered plush chairs and a rustic communal table enhance the gender-neutral space. The vibe is relaxed, as carefully coiffed dates and business acquaintances can whisper while they sip through their Valpolicella. Meridan-Kessler vinophiles can order off the Napolese menu next door–or see what special small plates chef Tyler Herald has prepared.


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Audio courtesy of B105.7 “Mornings with Sean Copeland”