Spotted: Martha Stewart at Napolese

Ahead of her address today at the JW Marriott, the business-and-lifestyle magnate dined downtown.

It seems that one good Martha deserves another. After 7:30 on Monday night, none other than Martha Stewart strolled into Napolese pizzeria (30 S. Meridian St.; 317-635-0765) and dined with a female friend. The occasion? She’s in Indy today to address all comers at the Indiana Governor’s Conference for Women, billed as the Midwest’s premier event of its kind for entrepreneurs and creative types. Stewart will deliver a keynote conversation intended to inspire those in attendance, a task that should come as second nature to one whose business card reads founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

Before that, Stewart enjoyed buffalo margherita pizza, vegetarian double chopped salad, and dessert at the downtown location of Indy’s own Martha Hoover‘s Neapolitan-style pie spot. Chef Tyler Herald was in the house, as were Hoover and her daughter Rachael. Stewart entered and breezed across the room with nary an air of celebrity or pomp as she headed to a window seat. Attentive servers waited on the pair, who sat blissfully uninterrupted—Hoover herself did speak with her fellow Martha on at least one occasion—before a couple patrons approached her around 9:30 p.m., by which time Stewart and her companion were on to dessert. Only the best for the Queen of Living.