Swoon List 3.18.13

5 Things We Adore Right Now
  1. Saison DuPont Farmhouse Ale from beer-centric BoomBozz Taphouse (2430 E. 146th, Carmel, 317-843-2666). The suds are zesty and subtly fruity, with that delicious Belgian-style yeasty kick.
  2. Bacon-wrapped apricots, plump, sweet, and skewered (alongside a tangy marinara) at Oakleys Bistro (1464 W. 86th St., 317-824-1231).
  3. Simple cornmeal-dredged catfish filets piled high at Dick’s Last Resort (111 W. Maryland St., 317-608-2456).
  4. The chewy, gooey tiger tail donuts from Jack’s Donuts (13578 E. 131st St., Fishers, 317-214-7152).
  5. Bibimbap from MaMa’s House Korean Restaurant (8867 Pendleton Pike, 317-897-0808). A satisfying and colorful bowl of rice, sliced marinated beef, julianned veggies, crisp greens, sprouts, topped with a fried egg and sesame seeds, and served in a hot clay stone (which continues to cook as you eat).