Swoon List 3.26.13

5 Things We Adore Right Now
  1. Warm, custard-style bread pudding soaking in Wild Turkey honey-bourbon sauce at Noah Grant’s Grill House & Oyster Bar (65 S. 1st St., Zionsville, 317-732-2233).
  2. The shrimp nachos at El Puerto de San Blas (3564 Lafayette Rd., 317-291-2800). They are listed as an appetizer, but add a beer, and you have a full dinner.
  3. The Historic Steer-In’s (5130 E. 10th St., 317-356-0996) double-patty, special-sauced Twin Steer burger—like a homemade Big Mac.
  4. A heaping serving of Chatham Tap’s (719 Massachusetts Ave., 317-917-8425) chipotle-apricot wings, meaty appendages with a nice spicy-sweet flavor.
  5. The seemingly bottomless bowl of housemade granola at The Capital Grille (40 W. Washington St., 317-423-8790). Served with gorgeous berries and tangy Trader’s Point yogurt, it tastes too sinful to be healthy.