Swoon List 5.12.14

Five Things We Adore Right Now
  1. The Spicy Samurai at Punch Burger (137 E. Ohio St., 317-426-5280), smothered in fiery ghost pepper cheese, topped with lettuce, and perched on a bed of Asian slaw, spicy aioli, and sweet chili sauce.
  2. Cheese-stuffed cachapas (Venezuelan fresh-corn pancakes) from the Citizen Hash food truck (317-296-4274). The crispy-edged salty-sweet nibbles are at their peak of indulgence with alternating dips of barbecue sauce and avocado crema. 
  3. Fresh, limey shrimp ceviche with plantain chips at Adobo Grill (110 E. Washington St., 317-822-9990).
  4. The sweet, tart, and refreshing Joke About Jamaica at Thunderbird (1127 Shelby St., 317-974-9580).
  5. Gooey marshmallow and creamy chocolate filling sandwiched between two dense graham cracker cookies in the s’more pie at Blaze Pizza (913 Indiana Ave., 317-624-1500). It emerges from the oven piping hot, a faultless replica of the beloved campfire indulgence.