Swoon List: 5 Things We Adore Right Now

  1. A chilled pint of light, crisp Flying Horse Royal Lager, brewed in India and poured with flourish into ice-slicked mugs at the new Delhi Palace Restaurant (901 Indiana Ave., 317-955-1700) just off the IUPUI campus.
  2. Roasted pork loin at Palomino (49 W. Maryland St., 317-974-0400), lightly charred but tender-pink on the inside. Paired for the season with sauteed kale and mashed sweet potatoes. Autumn on a plate.
  3. Ocean Prime’s (8555 N. River Rd., 317-569-0975) tuna tartare, with its stacked presentation featuring a layer of avocado and a layer of crispy wontons, sitting in ponzu.
  4. Lobster wontons, three tiny cups (more sweet than savory) filled with poached seafood, diced mango, and berry sauce, cut with avocado cream cheese. Offered among the small plates at Forty Five Degrees (765 Massachusetts Ave., 317-634-4545).
  5. The endless supply of Gigi’s Cupcakes supplied by Pinky the Cupcake Truck.