Swoon List: 5 Things We Adore Right Now

  1. The papa rellena at Mama Irma Restaurant (1058 Virginia Ave., 317-423-2421), a puffy zeppelin of mashed potatos stuffed with onions and meat. A cooling sour relish of slivered red onions shares the plate.
  2. The flamboyant lobster tempura roll at Tomo Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar (7411 N. Keystone Ave., 317-254-8666).
  3. Tasty fried perch from Black Market (922 Massachusetts Ave., 317-822-6757) with just a suggestion of batter. 
  4. The Brick Street Blond Chili, white beans and rich chicken stock studded with hunks of pork loin, a crockpot’s dream, at Patrick’s Kitchen and Drinks (175 S. Main St., Zionsville, 317-733-8755).
  5. The Libertine Liquor Bar’s (38 E. Washington St., 317-631-3333) potent, brandy-based Pisco Sour, topped with a thick egg-white foam and a dusting of nutmeg.