Swoon List: 5 Things We Adore Right Now

  1. Crunchy, tender deep-fried frog’s legs at The Local Eatery & Pub (14655 N. Gray Rd. Westfield, 317-218-3786), with remoulade for dipping.
  2. The rose-hibiscus mimosa at Zest! Exciting Food Creations (1134 E. 54th St., 317-466-1853), with an edible flower blooming in the drink as you swill it. Intoxicating.
  3. Fish tacos garnished with egg salad at Black Market (922 Massachusetts Ave., 317-822-6757).
  4. The Prosciutto Sandwich from Hoaglin To Go Cafe (448 Massachusetts Ave., 317-423-0300), composed of thinly shaved meat layered with slivered zucchini on a warm focaccia. 
  5. Scallops with yellow squash and lemon-caper sauce at The Pantry by Brad Gates in City Market, well worth the 10-minute wait.