Swoon List: 5 Things We Adore Right Now

  1. The banana split pie, included with your entree at Ralph’s Great Divide (743 E. New York St., 317-637-2192), composed of fresh, ripe bananas, whipped topping, and layers of chocolate and strawberry filling propped up by a crumbly crust.
  2. The platter of spicy feta, hummus, and tapenade at The Northside Social (6525 N. College Ave., 317-253-0111). It’s the perfect complement to a crisp glass of white wine.
  3. A sizzling tin casserole of peppery tofu sauteed with caramelized onions and broccoli at King Chef (8664 E. 96th St., Fishers, 317-842-8989).
  4. Light, fluffy, and not too rich, the banana pudding from Chef Dan’s Southern Comfort food truck might be the airiest of its genre we have ever tasted.
  5. Hot-saucy Buffalo chicken mac ’n’ cheese at MacKenzie River Pizza Co. (4939 82nd St., 317-288-0609), drizzled with extra sauce and topped with bleu cheese. Oh yes, they did.