Swoon List: 5 Things We Adore Right Now

1.     Watermelon gazpachorich and yet refreshingat Bluebeard (653 Virginia Ave., 317-686-1580). A fresh fluke-and-corn ceviche tops the bowl.

2.     The Tequila Daisy at Zest! Exciting Food Creations (1134 E. 54th St., 317-466-1853), a summer sipper with tequila, hibiscus liqueur, creme de cassis, and a flower garnish.

3.     A clamshell loaded with chicken tikki masalahunks of meat swimming in spicy tomato-cream saucefrom the window of the Spice Box food truck.

4.     The massive chicken chimichanga at La Parada Restaurant (1638 E. New York St., 317-917-0095).

5.     High Velocity Sports Bars (10 S. West St., 317-860-6500) cobb salad, with its leaves dressed in peppery ranch dressing and the other components fanned out on top.