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Swoon List 5.28.13

  1. The embarrassingly large pulled pork sandwiches served picnic style at Locally Grown Gardens (1050 E. 54th St., 317-255-8555).
  2. Peppery fried chicken with greens and candied sweet potatoes at Southern Kitchen (7854 E. 96th St., Fishers, 317-288-0202).
  3. Flash-frozen chocolate ice cream with hunks of cookie dough and sprinkles—the Birthday Cake Capacitor—served in a waffle bowl at Sub Zero (427 Massachusetts Ave., 317-446-9247).
  4. A torta of braised short rib and caramelized onions, pressed into a toasted telera roll with arugula and melting Chihuahua cheese at Bakersfield Mass Ave (334 Massachusetts Ave., 317-635-6962).
  5. Delicia’s (5215 N. College Ave., 317-925-0677) straightforward and perfectly balanced version of that Brazilian refresher, the Caipirinha.