Swoon List: Five Things We Adore Right Now

1. The seared-ahi appetizer at Detour – An American Grille (110 W. Main St., Carmel, 571-0091), seared tuna rolled in toasted black sesame seeds, squiggled with kabayaki and chili/garlic mayo, and served with a bright Asian slaw.
2. A dozen mini oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies for $3.80 at Potbelly Sandwich Shop (55 Monument Circle, 423-9043).
3. Northside Kitchenette’s (6515 N College Ave., 253-1022) Munchie Supreme, a pile of grilled pastrami with melted Swiss, Dijon remoulade, and a fistful of house fries on grilled New York rye.
4. The center bite of soft-cooked egg yolk, cheddar, and beef patty on the Rise & Shine at Boogie Burger (1904 Broad Ripple Ave., 255-2450).
5. Fried cauliflower at Anthony’s Dugout (621 Virginia Ave., 916-1514).