Swoon List: Nada, Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza, And More

Five things we’re craving right now.

The perfect accompaniment to a craft cocktail or pre-dinner snack at Platt 99 (333 S. Delaware St., 317-624-8200), the two-cheese, one-meat charcuterie plate. A wonderfully seedy mustard and sweet blueberry compote punctuates every bite.

Deep-fried Baja fish tacos smeared with avocado at Nada (11 W. Maryland St., 317-638-6232).

Baja tacos from Nada

The shoyu ramen, a chicken and dashi based broth, with chashu (pork belly), menma (bamboo shoots), cured egg, scallion, chicken oil, and noodles from Moon Rabbit Ramen (4907 N. College Ave., 317-384-1048).

Shoyu ramen from Moon Rabbit Ramen

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza (5646 E. Washington St., 317-356-6612) dishes up the extra-cheesy, pineapple-sweetened Hawaiian pizza, the perfect vehicle for the Irvington pizzeria’s cracker-crisp crust.

Hawaiian pizza from Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

Sweet tacos al pastor from Tortas Guicho Dominguez (641 Virginia Ave., 317-658-0735), topped with chile-rubbed pork and pineapple chunks with a simple and traditional dressing of chopped onions and cilantro.

Tacos al pastor from Tortas Guicho Dominguez