Taste Test: Pot Pies

Poke the crust, release the steam, and savor that heady memory of TV dinners past.

As the weather turns crisp and cocoon-y, these take-and-bake potpies let you cozy up inside and eat your fillings.

Tuttle Orchards

5717 N. 300 W., Greenfield, 317-326-2278

Entire hunks of chicken, tender and intact, plump this high-crusted pie sold at the eastside orchard. The gravy is fortified with standard-issue corn, peas, lima beans, green beans, and diced carrots, just like the tin-pan classic.

Mrs. Murry’s Naturals

These dainty vegan dishes are sold by the plastic clamshell at area farmers markets, ready to heat and eat. Unearth skins-on potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, and lima beans bound with hearty kitchen herbs and plenty of good old black pepper beneath a surprisingly airy crust made with soy-free vegan butter.


1101 N. College Ave., 317-737-2543

Under a puff pastry that flakes off in buttery slivers, the potpie at chef Regina Mehallick’s gourmet bodega pairs chicken with potatoes, carrots, cream, onions, and peas.

Pots & Pans Pie Co.

Coming soon: 4915 N. College Ave.

Farmers-market regulars have already warmed up to these crimped-out savory tarts available in flavors like Beef & Mushroom (like a crusted Bourguignon bursting with grass-fed Becker Farms beef and Smoking Goose bacon), Biscuits & Gravy (local breakfast sausage in a peppery white cream base), and The Rogue Vegan (sweet potatoes, squash, mushrooms, and walnuts contained in a turmeric crust). A Meridian-Kessler storefront is in the works.