The $1,000 Meal At Beholder

Here’s what a cool grand gets you at Jonathan Brooks’s restaurant.
Earlier this week Jonathan Brooks, the chef and owner of two of Indy’s best and most infamous restaurants, announced a new menu item: The $1,000 fried chicken wing dinner.

Yes, you read that correctly. No, he isn’t joking. For $1,000, Brooks promises you the following:

-Two Caesar salads
-24 twice-cooked wings
-A generous serving of french fries
-Shaved black truffles
-An entire jar of Osetra caviar from Royal Belgian
-A bottle of Roederer Cristal
-Two shots of V.E.P. Green Chartreuse
-Two shots of any other bar offering
-And all-you-can-drink Pabst Blue Ribbon during dinner

Serves 2 to 4, so choose your dinner guests wisely.

One thousand American dollars. No word yet if tax and gratuity are included, but signs point to no. Call it decadent. Call it provocative. Call it a massive waste of money. It should be considered all of those and more. But rest assured it would also be damn delicious.

But it did have us wondering, what else could we get at Beholder for $1,000? A quick scan of the menu gave us some thoughts. So as we indulge Brooks in this culinary extravagance, allow us to indulge in our own menu:

-Every cocktail on Beholder’s small but potent cocktail menu, including a $10 Spanish Porròn meant to be shared. Total? $84
-Every single item on the dinner menu, which includes a $100, 6-ounce serving of “Fukumitsu” Waygu striploin. $417
-Also, to help with dinner, how about some wine? Every glass expertly selected by sommelier Josh Mananzowski. $143
-We’ll want dessert, so how about one of each, along with a take-home pint of house-made ice cream at $13 a hit. Total? $87. And perfectly paired accompaniments of dessert wines at a total of $47.

Total for one serving of every single item on Beholder’s printed menu (not including bottled wines): $778. Tax: $54.46. 20-percent tip? $166.50.

Grand total: $998.96.

So go ahead, ask Brooks about his “dirty bird.” He’d probably much rather discuss that than have to talk about those damn rabbits one more time.