Tony Baloney

Lunchmeat reaches new culinary heights in these gourmet fried bologna sandwiches. Yes, you read those words correctly.

Forget all of your preconceived concerns about the lowly pink meat that curls into a rubbery cup when cooked. Fried bologna is getting the respect it deserves, as chefs learn to work wonders with the tender processed meat, crisped on the grill and lavished with toppings that play off the dense texture and salty flavor. Done right, it’s one of the most delicious guilty pleasures you’ll ever taste.
1127 Shelby St., 317-974-9580,
Fortunately, the “fried bologna sammie” at this Fountain Square favorite is available on the late-night lineup. What better way to enjoy the smoosh of mortadella with frizzled edges tucked inside a soft bun with provolone and black-garlic aioli than alongside a dark and dangerous glass of bonded bourbon?
FoxGardin Family Kitchen
10410 Olio Rd., Fishers, 317-336-2036,
Thin slices of Smoking Goose mortadella form the bulk of this hoagie-style creation. The meat is piled inside a lightly toasted French roll with shredded lettuce and a Thousand Island–style sauce. Swiss cheese is the glue that holds it all together.

Griggsby’s Station
101 W. Main St., Greenfield, 317-477-7217,
Two thick discs of locally made Tyner Pond Farm bologna and two slices of bright yellow American form a meat-and-cheese parfait in this beauty of a sandwich. Hearty farm-style bread is swiped with adobo mayonnaise for the perfect creamy glop. You can add an egg for $1, but a handful of potato chips crushed between the bread might be all the extra decadence you need.