Top Five: Phos

Get your pho fix at these places that specialize in the Vietnamese soup.

Slow and Steady

Super Bowl Pho, 112 E. Main St., Westfield, 317- 399-7858,
Beef bones simmered for as long as 18 hours make the broth for Vietnam’s famous soup especially rich and sweet at this quaint spot in Westfield run by uncle-and-nephew duo Leo Van and Tony Nguyen. This means you won’t need to reach for a bottle of Sriracha or hoisin sauce to round out the flavors in this especially balanced version, best appreciated in its simplest presentation with just noodles and tender rare beef.

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Star Player King Wok, 4150 Lafayette Rd., 317-295-8090, An aromatic hit (star anise, perhaps?) distinguishes the light, pristine pho at this Lafayette Road standard—a perfect restorative elixir on a cool day that won’t weigh you down. And the bowl is generous enough to share with the table so you can enjoy King Wok’s other stir-fried and noodle-based dishes.


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Good to Go

Saigon, 4760 W. 38th St., 317-927-7270,
One of the longest-running and most consistent Asian eateries in the city, Saigon, now housed in a former Bob Evans on West 38th Street, serves up a shimmering pho with a medium body and gentle spicing—perfect for customizing with plenty of herbs, garnishes, and sauces. For to-go orders, they pack every ingredient carefully in individual containers, so this is the place to stop when you want to enjoy a comforting bowl at home.

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Dark and Deep Sizzling Wok Hai, 4351 Lafayette Rd., 317-297-3441 With a host of excellent curries and clay-pot dishes, not to mention some of Indy’s best rice-paper rolls and lemongrass chicken, it might be hard to save room for soup at this Chinese-Vietnamese storefront on Lafayette Road. But the dark, fortified pho—perhaps eyebrow-raising for purists—will have you dipping your spoon back in again and again to guess at the flavors.

Starter Soup

Egg Roll No. 1, 4576 S. Emerson Ave., 317-787-2225,
A cult favorite on the south side that’s no longer just a secret of Asian-food insiders, this surprisingly spiffy spot features plenty of Chinese offerings as well as Thai and Vietnamese specialties. Light and subtle, the pho here is an excellent entry-level version that’s as refreshing as it is hearty.