TRENDING: Fried Green Tomatoes

The summer season is upon us, which means kitchens are getting creative with the southern classic side dish that dunks crisp slices of green tomatoes in batter for deep frying and mayonnaise dunking. Here are some Indy restaurants that are putting their own interesting spin on fried green tomatoes.

Oh Yumm Bistro (5615 N. Illinois St.,317-251-5656) Try the fried green tomato BLT, with pesto mayonnaise, bacon, and bib lettuce  served on sourdough bread. Oh Yumm also serves a fried green tomato appetizer napoleon with a relish of roasted corn and cherry tomatoes.

Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles (132 N. East St., 317-423-3300) This southern eatery dips thick-cut fried green tomatoes in batter  and then deep fried until they’re golden-brown and delicious.

Harry & Izzy’s (153 S. Illinois St, 317-635-9594; 4050 E. 82nd St., 317-915-8045) Served as a side or on a BLT, these fried green tomatoes are soaked in buttermilk and dredged in a batter mix. Spicy aioli is served on the side.

Traders Mill Grill & Bar (5650 W. 86th St., 317-334-1226) The fried green tomato BLT salad features greens, bacon, feta cheese, and buttermilk ranch dressing.

Restaurant Tallent (208 N. Walnut St., Bloomington, 812-330-9801) Chef David Tallent pairs his fried green tomatoes with frog legs, a spring herb salad, and a buttermilk dill aioli.