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Unspoken Rules of City Market

  • Don’t go at noon. Just don’t.
  • But if you have that lapse in judgment, recover by sending a scouting party like Lewis & Clark to search for a table and text the location to your lunchmates.
  • Head straight to Chocolate for the Spirit for free gelato samples to avoid the impending hunger pangs while you circle the building to weigh your options.
  • The Pantry’s filet sliders and chef-made mac ‘n’ cheese are worth the wait.
  • Make a beeline for Jumbo’s if you need to jet back to the office. It’s the quickest selection.
  • Grab a bag of freshly made chips from The Amazing Potato Chip Company for later to cure mid-afternoon munchies.
  • Avoid eye contact with the vendors. Or leave with soft pretzels and crockpot mix.
  • Shasta La Vista is the gateway juice to the greener concoctions at Twenty Two Juicery.
  • Never pass up The Tamale Place’s 80-cent side of guacamole.
  • The Catacombs are off-limits at lunch. Join a scheduled tour instead.
  • Stop by the U-Relish Farm stand if you’re a Parks and Recreation fan. The booth still sells bags of Pawnee chickpea dry soup specially made for an episode.

This article appeared in our September 2015 Issue.


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