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Unspoken Rules of Devour Indy

• Stop trying to figure out when Devour Downtown, Devour Northside, and Chow Down Midtown happen. They’ve been combined into Devour Indy.
• Deals including a drink don’t always feature the best wines.
• Snag early or late reservations to avoid overworked staff.
• Speaking of which, tip generously. Servers won’t get a break on their rent that week.
• You eat salmon and steak all the time. Go with anything bone-in or served in a husk.
• Resist substitution requests. Respect the chef.
• Dress to the restaurant’s regular price point. This isn’t McDonald’s.
• Menus with two side items, like St. Elmo’s, are the ones to share for a light dinner.
• See you (waiting for a table) at Livery.

Fernandez began writing for Indianapolis Monthly in 1995 while studying journalism at Indiana University. One of her freelance assignments required her to join a women's full-tackle football team for a season. She joined the staff in 2005 to edit IM's ancillary publications, including Indianapolis Monthly Home. In 2011, she became a senior editor responsible for the Circle City section as well as coverage of shopping, homes, and design-related topics. Now the director of editorial operations, she lives in Garfield Park.

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