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What’s In That? Cerulean’s Maple Leaf Duck

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Check out the full description of Cerulean here.

  • Sternberg sears an ample Maple Leaf Farms duck breast in a flat-bottomed steel pan to render its skin until crisp, then finishes it briefly in a hot oven.
  • Shiitakes are sauteed in a super-hot pan and finished with butter, salt, and white ver jus—the tart, vinegar-like juice of unripe grapes.
  • Tangerine aigre-doux (French for bittersweet) is made from the fruit’s peel and flesh, which is thickened into a marmalade-like consistency with white wine, champagne vinegar, sugar, and salt.
  • The sesame-brittle garnish is made from a light caramel of sugar and honey, sesame oil, and a mix of white and black seeds.
  • The breast is split lengthwise and served flesh-side-up to show the doneness of the meat.
  • Carrots, a chef favorite for their earthy sweetness, are shaved ultra-thin on a mandoline.