What’s in That? Dirty Tots at Fat Dan’s Deli

These over-the-top cafeteria tots at Fat Dan’s Deli take meat and potatoes to the next level.

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» The crew smokes pork—often from Fischer Farms—for 14 hours before pulling it straight off the butt.

» A Louisiana hot-sauce base gets mixed with butter, mustard, chili oil, pepper flakes, and a good amount of vinegar for this assertive spin on hot-wing glaze.

» Cured Neuske’s bacon is smoked in house.

» Velveeta, Colby, and canned cheese mingle with just a bit of beer to lay on extra richness.

» The same golden nuggets you remember from your grade-school days stay crisp under the load.

» Scallions are the only real vegetable on the dish.